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Pretzels For Kids (6 years and up)

Cooking Workshop for Kids 6 years. Kids under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Organised by Riverside Education

With Franka Haeussner

Tuesday, 12th July, 2.30pm to 4pm

$6 per child.

Limited to 12 participants.

Registrations essential: Click HERE

At Riverside Centre (Kitchen)

This is a floury hands-on kitchen session with Franka Haeussner, who has many years of experience in baking delicious treats, including the doughy European favourite: the pretzel!

The process of making them is tactile, interesting, and fun. It can also be a bit messy, so best be prepared for a few flour, water, and butter marks.

Did you know that pretzels need to be boiled? It is the boiling that gives the outside of the pretzel its beautiful golden-brown colour and uniquely crisp and chewy texture. The great thing is once you have the dough, you can make any shape you like! In this workshop, children regularly come up with the most creative forms; flowers, animals, letters - once we had a dragon!

Each child will make a yummy big pretzel each - and eat it of course!

Please note we will be working with standard white flour and butter in this workshop, so it is not suitable for anyone with a gluten and/or dairy intolerance. We will also be working with boiling hot water, which is why children under 8 need the close attention of an accompanying adult.

Limited to 12 children, so get in early.

This workshop is proudly sponsored by the Riverside Community Trust. Please contact Tanja (education@riverside.org.nz) to discuss sponsorship options if you are struggling to meet the workshop fee or to enquire about more info.

Pretzel Poster


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