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'Curing The Incurable'

A one hour talk with Christian Science practitioner & teacher Maryl Walters from Missouri, USA.

Saturday, 25th March 1.30pm - 2.30pm

At Riverside Centre (Meeting Room)

All welcome. No charge.

Maryl Walters of St Louis Missouri is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher. Her talk on how Christian Science teaching deals with incurability is sponsored by the Christian Science Society, Nelson.'

Maryl has been in the full time public healing practice of Christian Science for over 30 years and has many examples to share of incurability being completely healed. From her home in Saint Louis, Missouri, she has travelled the world sharing her lectures on this 'Science of the Christ' which enables all to understand and practice here and now the works done by Jesus and his followers. The reinstatement of Christianity and its lost element of healing has been practiced through Christian Science in this age for over 140 years bringing hope and healing to hundreds of thousands. Maryl will leave time for your questions.' (Christian Science Society, Nelson). More information on christianscience.com

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