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Adults & Kids Workshops

Riverside Education has some exciting news: so far, we have been running workshops for adults and workshops specifically for children, separately. Starting in the month of August, we are going to add workshops to our programme that provide an opportunity for parents and mentors to have a learning experience together with their child/mentoree.

Join in Riverside Education and enjoy some special bonding time while learning how to make cheese, sew a bag, carve wood and so much more :)

As usual, all Riverside Education workshops are heavily subsidised and the Riverside Community Trust offers sponsorship for anyone struggling to meet workshop fees.

The first 2 workshops in this line are about creating beautiful presents from waste ('Candle Jars' on 15th of August) and all about making Body Butter (29th of August).

For more info, please contact Tanja: education@riverside.org.nz

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