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Yuan Qigong - Embrace Yourself

8 weeks of sessions with Natalie

Starts Tuesday, 30th April, 6pm to 7.30

$160 per 8 week block

At Riverside Centre (Kotahitanga Room)

Live and online (google Meet) Yuan Gong and Life Cultivation class for 8 weeks at Riverside Community, Lower Moutere, Motueka.

In this 8 week series, we will explore the powerful practice of Yuan Qi Gong and how it can help you establish an anchor for emotional regulation. Establishing a regular practice of Yuan Gong cultivates self-awareness, emotional balance, and resilience.

Whether you are experiencing stress, anxiety, or simply seeking a greater sense of balance and well-being, these classes can provide you with tools and techniques to cultivate emotional resilience and help you navigate challenging emotions with greater ease and grace.

Yuan Gong is a holistic practice that combines movement, meditation, and visualization to harmonize and balance the body's energy system. Through gentle and flowing movements and still practices, you will learn to activate and balance your Qi, or life force energy, promoting emotional and physical healing.

In this series we will be focusing on strengthening the heart consciousness and cultivating a sense of inner calm. We will learn both moving forms to open the heart and sitting practices From Yuan Qigong to work on the heart qualities of TRUST, OPENNESS, LOVE, GRATITUDE AND TRUE RESPECT. Cultivating the heart qualities to increases our capacity to embrace the true essence of ourselves and our lives

Discover the power of your heart to regulate and transform emotions and disturbances. The heart as our true essence allow us to embrace the challenges and emotions without overly identifying with them and investigate what blockages stand in between self acceptance and embracing ourselves and the challenges presenting in our daily lives.

All classes are suitable for both new practitioners and experienced practitioners.  The classes will include both learning and deepening of the Yuan Qigong moving practices.  This will lay the foundation for further learning and deepening of the Yuan Qigong methods that work on the levels of the heart and consciousness.

Investment is $160 for the block.  Sessions can be attended live or online and will be recorded if you cannot attend.

For further information, you can email Natalie at natalie@heartwisdom.co.nz  , www.heartwisdom.co.nz, or phone 0220434002. To register please click on this link https://forms.gle/ufyVG2Y5XMZ6DL96721

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the post above are those of the facilitator/event organiser and do not necessarily reflect Riverside Community Trust Board's official position and policy. Please contact the facilitator directly for all questions regarding this post's content.

Yuan Qigong at Riverside


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